Comenius Project 2009-2011

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Our Similarities and Differences

Participating students have been divided into 5 international groups. First of all, they brainstormed the ideas, then, shared the work in the group among themselves. The next step was to make elements and take a photo of each element. They could choose any topic: family life, life at school, teenager life, celebrations… .Students needed to take no less than 300 photos. During the next work session they uploaded the pictures using the Movie Maker and put them into a storyline in order. They could also add some background music, transitions and other effects and save the movie into a computer”.

To do this task, students needed some plasticine (Play – Doh), some paper, carton boxes, a digital camera, a tripod and a computer with Movie Maker. The host country provided the students with all necessary materials and equipment.
Here you have their products.

GROUP nº 1
GROUP nº 2
GROUP nº 3
GROUP nº 4
GROUP nº 5
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