Comenius Project 2009-2011

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Our project’s song

To choose our porject's song we agreed the following points:

  • Students of each participating country create lyrics to the music of Europe anthem (Ode to Joy. Symphony No. 9.Beethoven).
  • Each country sends all lyrics that their students have written to Spanish coordinator before 20-XII-2010 (Before Christmas Holidays)
  • At each school, songs are voted.
  • On 28-I-2011, each school has the winner lyric, and all countries inform about which one has been to the coordinator of the Project.
  • The winner song is recorded by the group and all of us bring it to the Project meeting in France.
  • Spanish team collects them and uploads into the Project website before 26-II- 2011.
  • Students from all participant schools vote for the best performance online from 12th to 19th March 2011.
  • On 19th March Spanish Coordinator informs about the winner song.
  • For the last meeting in Lithuania, all participants will perform the winner song in the live concert, which will take place in the meeting.
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