Comenius Project 2009-2011

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Lithuania's Lyrics

lyrics   Lithuania's Lyrics lyrics

Lyrics #1

All the countries are in friedship
By Comenius project
Having friends in different countries
Makes us feel in unity.

All together in the classes
We will have a joyful work
Broaden our horizons
We don‘t waste our time.

Everybody fits in union
Which will help you find new friends
All the people in this project
Work with smile in their face.

Lyrics #2

Friendship between countries and nations
Unity and love join us...
No walls left, we are friends now
We learn from each other.

Communicating and working together
That is a formula of success...
France Bulgaria Romania
Spain Poland and Lithuania

Everybody fits in project
Nobody is left behind
A great task calls on us to
Grow and continue to learn.


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