Comenius Project 2009-2011

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Bulgaria's Lyrics

lyrics   Bulgaria's Lyrics lyrics

Lyrics #1

Trough the learning and trough science
we can have our dreams fulfilled!
Comenius project gives us this chance
and a lots of opportunities.

Families, students, teachers, partners-
we all have the same beliefs!
We are looking into the future
living in peace and unity!

Education gives us new horizons
and in the future we believe.
Our friendships give us the proof that
Everybody fits in!

Lyrics #2

All we fit in perfectly together
in the European Union.
Loving, learning and enjoying -
That’s the meaning of Comenius.

All together seeking knowledge-
Making new European friends.
Learning about different countries-
All together having fun!

Everyone is happy and joyful
Comenius project is the best!
Working together in happiness
Having really a great time.


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