Comenius Project 2009-2011

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Sixth Meeting Program


LITHUANIA, 07/05/2011-14/05/2011




SATURDAY 07/05/2011 SUNDAY 08/05/2011 MONDAY 09/05/2011 TUESDAY 10/05/2011

Partners’ arrival time:

Spanish team – 12.00 at Riga

French team – 13.10 at Riga, Terminal 1

Polish team – 16.35 at Panevėžys Couch Station, Lane 13

Bulgarian team – 12:55 at VILNIUS, flight № OS 0833

Romanian team -  ?


Free time in families


20.00 – Welcome Dinner in a restaurant

8.00 -  meeting at the hotel Romantic

Teachers and students have a trip to TRAKAI

Trakai History museum

Educational activity for teachers and students.

14.00 - Lunch in Trakai

Teachers - in a cafe Kibininė

Students – packed lunch


19.00 - Teachers and students - dinner in Belmontas

21.30 – departure to Panevėžys

10.00 – Students and teachers arrive at school, address: Respublikos str. 47, Panevėžys

Meeting school’s headmaster (School Hall)

Tour round the school

12.30 - Students lunch at school

Teachers -  lunch in a café

Meeting the Mayer of  Panevėžys

A short tour round the town

Visiting the library and art gallery

Students: a football match with the members of FK“Ekranas“

Teachers: Dinner

8.30 -  Teachers and students arrive at school.

9.0011.00 First work session: ‘Our similarities and differences’ – ‘Plasticine animation’ (taking photos)

Guest teachers and students meet Students’ Parliament.

12.30 - Students - lunch at school

Teachers - lunch in a cafe

Students: choir rehearsal 13-14.00 (Music Room)

Teachers: coffee break

Teachers and students - visiting Panevėžys Local Lore Museum

Free time for teachers and students

18.00 - National Lithuanian dances and songs with students’ families


WEDNESDAY 11/05/2011 THURSDAY 12/05/2011 FRIDAY 13/05/2011 SATURDAY 14/05/2011

8.30 - Teachers and students arrive at school.

9.00 – 11.30 Second work session: ‘Plasticine animation’ (uploading photos into Movie Maker and putting them into a storyline)

12.00 – Teachers and students - lunch at school

12.30 – A trip to Anykščiai, to The Homestead of Aukštaitija Region (guest teachers and students)

Educational activity for teachers and students: Everyday Bread

18.00 – departure to Panevėžys

Free dinner, free time in families

9.00 – 11.00 - Teachers and students visit some classes.

Presenting the final product of the meeting - ‘Plasticine animation’ videos.

Coffee break

12.30 – Students and teachers - lunch at school

Students: choir rehearsal 13.00 – 14.00 in Music Room

Teachers: coffee break

Teachers and students have free time

15.00 – 16.30 The festival of Choirs  ‘We celebrate Friendship’

Coffee break

Students: free time

9.00A trip to the Hill of  Crosses.

Cross-making, a unique branch of Lithuanian folk art, was inscribed on the UNESCO Non-material and Verbal Heritage Masterpiece List in 2001.

The Hill of Crosses a unique historic place in the world, where the crosses have been put up to plead for grace or to express gratitude almost since the beginning of the 20th century, is probably the only place of its kind in the world. Currently, it is known to hold more than 20,000 crosses.

14.00Teachers and students have lunch in Šeduva Windmill.

On the way to Panevėžys visit Burbiškis Manor.

Free time

20.00 – Farewell dinner.

Partners’ departure time:

Spanish team –  12.25 from Riga

French team – 14.50 from Riga

Polish team – 12:55, PANEVEZYS, Coach Station , Lane 13.

Bulgarian team – 13:35 – VILNIUS, flight № OS 0834

Romanian team - ?
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